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Dragon Ball Legends APK is the Pocket Version of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse which is now finally made available/compatible for the iOS devices and also for the Android Devices finally. Dragon Ball Legends has completely different gameplay than the others dragon ball games which are found on the Mobile Phone. This game has more update than the other dragon ball game series. This time the game is targeted for both the high specification as well as low specification so it is compatible almost for all Android Phones/Mobiles like Samsung S6, HTC, OnePlus Series, Huawei, Google Pixel and many others.

Dragon Ball Legends APK is the action-adventure video game which is developed and published by the Bandai Namco’s made especially for the mobile version or the mobile phones. Dragon Ball Legends is the undoubtedly and incredibly ambitious addictive video game especially made available for the Mobile Phones like Android devices and iOS Devices. This game is also known as the first dragon ball handheld mobile game.

This game is played on the 3D perspective view which is unique for the mobile gaming. The battle on this game is based on the card of the heroes power. Each Player has the some superpowers/unique powers and it is used for the battle to defeat against the player online.


Easy to Play

Player can move around the field by dragging their finger, swiping evades or approaching their opponent and tapping the screen delivers a volley of punches and kicks. Because of this cool and amazing gameplay the game is now famous against the player and has been the most anticipated game of this year.

Download and Install on your Android Phones now!

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