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Frostpunk is now finally available on the different iOS version as well as for the Android which was first released for the Microsoft Windows OS or PC on the April 24 2018 and now it is finally available for the portable or the on the GO and can be played anywhere on your Mobiles/Phones. Frostpunk is now available for the Android version like Samsung Series, Google Pixels, HTC Series, One Plus Series, Huaweii and others, also available/compatible for the iOS devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X also for the iPad Generation which is awesome for the mobile/portable mode gamers.

Frostpunk is the survival as well as the city-building game which is developed as well as published by the 11 bit studios for the Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. It had even sold 250,000 copies this year. This game has the unique gameplay where the player/gamer need to build the city an survive from the different enemies attack also there is the time trial where the player need to be care about. The player has the option to use laws to regulate the productivity of their society at the cost of possibly raising discontent.

In this game, Frostpunk starts with the small group of the survivors on the city that consists of the engineer as well as the designer and workers. They are given the small amounts of the caches, by the help of those caches these group of people need to build the city with the design. Not only this the player even have to save the city/society people by harvesting/collecting the woods as well as the foods to make them warm and protect them from dying. By building the workshop helps to make the research center on the game which will help the people to make different materials for the people for the society.

Download Frostpunk for Android

Download Frostpunk for iOS

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