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Download Hello Neighbor APK now

Hello Neighbor for Android (APK) is the stealth surviving action video game which is developed by the Dynamic Pixel and published by the tinyBuild for the first time on the Play Station 4, XBOX One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. Hello Neighbor has the cool gameplay, since the game is completely different than the others games of the 2017 has the story/plot different than any other survival horror video game.

Hello Neighbor APK follows the new concepts where the goal of the game follows sneaking to the neighbor house in the game where the player need to go the other houses and complete the mission according to the story line or the quest is given to them. Player need to go to the other house which is the neighbor house by keeping the horrible secrets without knowing them which is the cool game play of this game.

In this game, the Artificial Intelligence uses the logic or the paths according to the action created by the player in the past such as the AI sets the Trap because of the past action created by the player/character. So the Previous/Past attempts determines the gameplay of this game.

According to the gameplay of this game Hello Neighbor, the player needs to go the neighbor basement and has to break the neighbor house where the player need to collects the necessary or the important items which is required for the developing the own house. If the player is caught or he could not run and catch by the neighbor then the game will be restarted and player are sent to their own house, the game will be continue again.

Download Hello Neighbor APK now


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