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Mega Man 11 for Mac OS X is action-platform video game developed by the Capcom for the first time. This game Mega Man 11 is the eleventh series of the original Mega Man Series which now developed with the amazing gameplay with the awesome graphics. It was planned to be released later on Mac OS X and for the Mobile version but the game is now made available this early August which is the great news for the gamers/people out there who uses the Mac OS X and Mobile Phones.

Mega Man 11 for Mac OS X is made on the occasion/celebration of the series 30th anniversary along the with the announcement to be released on the Mac OS Edition. Mega Man the main character will again be able to use Sliding and Charge Shot, and can call upon Rush to reach higher platforms, using familiar abilities such as the Rush Coil and Rush Jet like in the previous series of this game. For the Re-reappearance of the game Mega Man 11 will now allow Tanks in the game.

In this Mega Man 11 for Mac OS X there are four different difficulty modes they are
Expert Mode

Mega Man 11 is played on the Mac OS X devices by the help of the Mac’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse, this time the game is more easily played on the Mac OS because of the gesture which is now available for the Mac Edition. As this game can be played by sliding the character Mega Man so gesture on the mouse can be used for sliding the character which is easy. Mega Man 11 is now compatible for the Mac OS X MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini. Mega Man 11 now targets the low specifications to this game can be played on the Low Graphics as well as can be played on the Ultra Graphics.

How to Download and Play the Mega Man 11 on Mac OS X?

Firstly, go to the Hit the download button given on the page. Complete the Human Verification in the quick minutes. Unlock the Game by downloading the Mega Man 11 dmg file. Get the game on the finder of your Mac devices, Install/extract the game on your located files/folder. Launch the game, enjoy!
NOTE: Verification Process is Important

Download now on your Mega Man 11 Mac OS X

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