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Download A Way Out for iOS now!

A Way Out for iOS is the action-adventure multiplayer video game which is now developed by the Hazelight and published by the Electronic Arts with the EA Originals program for the first time on the iOS devices. A Way Out is first released for the Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4 and XBOX One first. This time the game has the completely unique gameplay where the player can play the multiplayer by the split screen which is the new concept of all the time. So the developer EA made this game split screen more easy on the iPad and iPhone X while on the other version of the iPhone the game is a little bit different but it is optimized on its own way for the other version of the iOS devices.

A Way Out iOS is the action-adventure video game played on the third-perspective view, This is the second video game which is directed by the Josef Fares after the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This game A Way Out is the specifically directed/designed to be played on the split screen in the horizontal ways where the player can play side-to-side in the game and complete their mission. According to this game developer Hazelight, the game should be played through either the online as well as connecting them by the help of the similar server created by the player. Bluetooth is also available if the player wanna play on the split screen. The game features the same storyline, same character and has the same gameplay as the console version of Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4 and XBOX One.

In the game A Way Out, the players control the two different character Leo and Vincent they are the main character of the game. These two characters are the prisoners who are convinced with each other to run away from the jail/prison. The Twist on this game is that the story of both characters is not synchronized but the story is told simultaneously, so this may results One character can be playable while another character is in the cutscene. So both players need to be cooperative with each other in order to complete the given mission.

Each Situation can be different according to the decision made by the player, where the player needs to complete/fulfill the roles given there. The roles are not fixed in the game, So the role of the Leo and Vincent can be swap throughout the game and can complete the mission.

Steps to Download A Way Out iOS:

  • Go to
  • Hit the Download Button Given there.
  • Complete the Simple Verification Process.(5 Min Approx.)
  • Get the Game on your iOS devices(iPhone/iPad)

Download A Way Out on iOS now!

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