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FIFA 21 Mobile is back again! In this blog, it’s all about FIFA 21 Android. FIFA 21 is the football simulation video game developed and released by EA Sports for the first time on mobile devices. It is the 28th Installment of the FIFA series that is released exclusively on the official site

FIFA 21 Android has a lot of improvement done than any of the FIFA series. It is completely optimized for mobile devices such as (Android/IOS). It is made compatible with most mobile devices easily, and if you want to experience FIFA 21 on the GO, you can click on the download button given on the site and start playing FIFA 21 APK.

FIFA 21 Android Gameplay

About FIFA 21 Mobile

Agile Dribbling Mechanism

You can unleash your Football skills and creativity in a 1 v 1 situation in FIFA 21. You can easily control the ball and improve the new skills like rolling the ball to control the fake ball control to confuse other people.

Positioning Personality

FIFA 21 has increased the footballers’ positioning awareness and improved the in-game intelligence on the AI to improve gaming quality.

Creative Run Systems

Unlike FIFA 20 Mobile, this time FIFA 21 Mobile has improved in different runs in the player that means there are different types of run movement that can be done inside the game those are;

Directed Run

In a directed run, you can run the player can use floating keys on the screen; in this directed run, you can confuse AI by faking it.

Directed Pass and GO

You can change the floating analog towards other players before passing and go before the other players reach the ball.

Player Lock System

Now we can lock the other player just by pressing on both analog keys on the right and left side to lock the current player when on the attack.


There is more perspective understanding in the passing with your team and the opponent to play more intelligent passing in FIFA 21 Mobile.


There is a new and updated blocking system in-game: there are balanced outcomes when defenders block and shots and crosses and long passes.


There is updated AI in FIFA 21, which makes Players/AI respond in the quick time and tight/hard situation and in under pressure situation.

Manual Headers

Before the FIFA 21 series, Heading was difficult, and it was not in full control over the player, so this time player can fully control over heading you can pass by heading easily and exactly where you want.

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