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Download and Install God of War 4 for iOS now

Sony Interactive Company is now back again with the latest game which is now finally available for the iOS devices that is the God of War IV or also called God of War in this early 2018. God of War 4 was the most anticipated game of the year but now it is finally made available for the Play Station 4 and now it is made mobile version with the different level and experience on your own mobile phones.God of War 4 has the same game play and has the same story line which is in the consoles like Play Station 4. The game features the floating Key and floating Analog to play the game on iOS Mobile Phones easily by the gamer

God of War IV iOS is third-perspective video game and the action-adventure game which is developed by the SIE Santa Monica Studio and published by the famous publisher called Sony Interactive Entertainment which is now finally re-released for the iOS Devices. God of War 4 iOS is now compatible for the iOS devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and above iPhone Devices with the same gameplay and the story line.

God of War 4 uses the same character who is Kratos and played with the same character, but this time the Kratos uses the Magical Axe rather than that of the double chained weapon because this game God of War 4 is the squeal series of the previous series of the God of War which is God of War III.

God of War IV iOS has aslo added some new installment features a third person, over the shoulder free camera, a departure from the previous installments, which featured a third-person, fixed cinematic camera so this game is more focus more on the cinematic too with the more unique features of game-play. So this game is the vast than that of the previous series and has whole new action gaming experiences than that of the previous God of War Series.

Steps to Download God of War 4 iOS:

  • Go to
  • Hit the Download Button Given there.
  • Complete the Verification Process After Hitting Download Button.(Simple Verification Process)
  • Get the game (God of War 4)on your iOS devices. Enjoy!

Download and Install God of War 4 for iOS now

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